Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

We recognize that the authors worked diligently in preparing the manuscript, and we have undertaken a peer-review process. However, there is always the possibility that a published publication will be retracted or even retracted for scientific reasons. This should not be done carelessly and should only be done in extraordinary situations. Therefore, if necessary, withdrawals and revocations will be carried out based on strict criteria to maintain trust in the journal's electronic files. Our goal and policy is to maintain the integrity and completeness of important scientific documents as files for researchers and librarians.

Authors are permitted to withdraw articles that have been submitted if they have not gone through the review process. If the review process has passed, the author is required to pay a withdrawal fine equal to the publication fee. Notification of the withdrawal of articles that have been submitted is notified via OJS and is not permitted via other channels. If the author does not comply with the fine that has been set, the author will be included in the journal's blacklist. Authors who are included in the journal blacklist cannot publish articles in all journals published by Universitas Kuningan.

The Quagga Journal contributes to the integrity of the scientific record. Therefore, articles may be withdrawn if one or more of the following problems occur:

  1. There is substantial scientific error that could invalidate the article's conclusions, such as when there is clear evidence that the findings are inaccurate, either as a result of error (e.g. falsification of data) or honest error (e.g. misunderstanding, lack of data, or information).
  2. The research has been published elsewhere without adequate citation, authorization, or justification (i.e., a case of over-publication).
  3. There is plagiarism (appropriation of another person's ideas, methods, findings, or words without giving proper credit, especially those obtained through secret study of another person's manuscript) or inappropriate authorship.